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Honda Spada VT250 This is my previous motorbike, it's an '89 Honda Spada VT250.
I kept meaning to trade up but just haven't had the time, mind you have been saying this for a few years now.
When I brought the bike it had been serviced and dyno'd, it's top speed is 180kph but I've only had it up to 140kph. It's a very light bike and with a side wind can get a bit hairy. It does the trick, is good on gas ($10 to fill the tank) and depending on where ridden can get about 300k's out of a tank.

Well I finally brought a new bike, the build date is 10/06 but purchase date and registration is 01/07.
It's a Suzuki GSX600F Katana in black, with grey and silver graphics - sexy ;)

Suzuki GSX600F This is my new motorbike, it's an '06/'07 Suzuki GSX600F Katana.
I brought this bike brand new with only 8 kilometres on the clock.
This bike differs from my other bike in so many ways, the VT was a V-twin where as this is a straight 4, the VT was naked where as this has full fairings, this bike is a bit heavier (of course) but best of all this bike has a fuel gauge, the VT didn't even have a fuel light.
Is good on gas but not as good as the VT ($20 to fill the tank) and depending on where ridden can still get about 300k's out of a tank.

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