The mud kitchen or play kitchen usually features two tubs with four elements but this isn't written in stone.
They are made of treated H3.2 wood and comes with all utensils shown, or tool box and wood for builders bench.
The great thing about these treated mud kitchens is when they get covered in mud, you just hose it off ready for the next adventure.
It can be stained or painted by you and / or the kids or left to age naturally.
Measures approx (mud kitchen size here)cm w x 108cm h x 48cm deep
The kitchens can be made 900, 1200 and 1500mm wide, with options including an oven, and (working) tap/s for running water added for extra.
Also make builders benches and custom sizes of mud kitchens.

Note: I am no longer making the 600mm range.

900mm mud kitchen range

900mm mud kitchen
900mm mud kitchen with tap
900mm mud kitchen with oven
900mm mud kitchen with oven and tap

1200mm mud kitchen range

1200mm mud kitchen
1200mm mud kitchen with taps
1200mm mud kitchen with oven
~~ Most Popular ~~
1200mm mud kitchen with oven and taps
~~ Most Popular ~~

1500mm mud kitchen range

1500mm mud kitchen
1500mm mud kitchen with taps
No photo yet 1500mm mud kitchen with oven
1500mm mud kitchen with oven and taps

Builders benches:

Builders benches can come in any of the sizes the mud kitchens come in. The photo below is an example of what they are.

600mm builders bench
1500mm builders bench with addons

Custom mods

Sometimes the standard version isn't enough and you may want a different layout, a shelf or two or something totally different.

Sadly my computer died and I lost all my photos of my mud kitchens. So this is just a few recent examples.

Two little shelves up top (1200mm)
Double shelf up top (1500mm)
Middle shelf up top (1500mm)
Lower shelf on the side (1200mm)
Oven to the side (1200mm)
Twin bowls, no elements (900mm)

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