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Welcome to the fish room. My tropical and goldfish.

I caught the bug for keeping fish from my late father, whom had a whole room of tanks with many types of tropical fish.

I started off with tropical but with work and travelling was hard to keep them happy.

group of tanks

Nowadays I have the time, so keep goldfish and tropicals.
Goldfish are meant to be less work than tropical fish but really the only real difference is water temperature. Plus goldfish produce a lot more waste.

Recently I sold my 4ft tank so currently I'm down to six tanks, the goldfish (3ft) tank is set in the wall in the lounge and the other five are in my office ranging in sizes from 1ft to 3ft.

My main (3ft) tank in my office is a community tank with guppies, neons, dwarf clown loach and ghost while the others are just guppies.

Apart from the two 3ft tanks, the rest are bare bottom but all have live plants and of course rams horn snails.

Fish are addictive but can also be expensive but what hobby isn't.
Aquarium fish are a pleasure to watch and have a calming effect.

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