Welcome to munchtech.com, my name is David White and I go by the name BusyKiwi.
We're based in Dinsdale, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Whether you're looking for a mud kitchen for pretend play, a builders bench, sandwich board or something a bit different, I can help you.

My passion is for designing & developing creative solutions that enable everyone to come away happy, whether it be for an individual, preschool, kindergarten, school, there is something for everyone.

I started making the mud kitchens before covid hit the world. My partner Cherie from Ree's books asked me to make her friend a mud kitchen. I was like many people today, "What's a mud kitchen?".
So after a bit of research I found the market in NZ to be at both extremes. Top dollar or built with pallets and things, so I thought I'd come in the middle.

My mission was to build and supply an affordable option with room to enhance by way of the new owners painting / oiling / staining or letting it age naturally.

The kids have taught me a lot making these and the smiles on their faces is worth the effort that goes into them.

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